Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ok, time now to address your blog topic suggestions. Thanks for nothing, Steve, I'm sure I've done a DP blog at some point in the distant past!

Funniest thing that ever happened to me
Probably not THE funniest, but pretty funny anyway... Whilst in the company of a very good friend of mine, I saw another friend. I tried to introduce the two of them, only to find that they went to uni together and were already very good mates. I then saw a third friend, and tried to introduce him too, but they all knew each other!!! Ever since then, I've never tried to introduce anybody to anybody else without checking if they have a prior acquaintance!

People from Primary School
I have no idea at all where any of my primary school friends are.
- I bumped into one of them in the city fringe a few months ago, she was working nearby and studying in the city. (Oddly enough, she used to date a good friend of somebody I used to date. Make sense?)
- I know through another friend that somebody I went to primary school with has been in a car accident and is now blind as a result.
- At my old job, I used to receive faxes from a company signed by a lady with the same name as sombody I was at primary school with. It's not a common name, but I never asked her if she was the same person.


Lletna said...

It was still funny being introduced to my 2 friends - but then again didn't I try to introduce you to another one of my friends a couple of years later that you knew.

Mind you probably the indication that I knew the 2 guys if I remember we were in the middle of discussions. Then you came along...


Steve said...

I am so glad you took up my suggestion and talked about nothing!

People who know you go blind???

have accidents????
Send faxes???

Actually know other people???

What a crazy world we live in!

lee said...

That IS funny about trying to introduce people who already know each other to each other. I hate that thing when you run into two people and have to introduce them to each other and you find that the name of one of them has slipped your mind and you feel like a goose -arrghh!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

I have done the whole intro thing when people already knew each other, it makes you feel like a loony.
One time, I was on the phone, I was about 12years old, and for about 5 minutes I non stop talked to my friend who I thought sais she was Tania..only to find it was Sonia...embarrased...yes I was LOL.

I am best friends with my primary school friend, but she lives in Croyden and I am way out West.
We still converse same as the day we met in Preps :)

Shelley said...

It is super funny in my town, which isn't all that small you know, and everyone I know knew each other independently prior to knowing me. Make sense?

Also, I used to manage an espresso bar and my repairman mentioned a guy that he said I would totally LOVE because apparently the guy (another espresso bar manager) and I had the exact same way of saying and doing things. Let me point out that I live in Wisconsin and this other fella lives in Illinois.

It turned out that the other guy was my HIGH SCHOOL friend from California, over 2,000 miles away and fifteen years ago!!

I still shake my head over that.