Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ever seen a 24 year old wear a paper hat with no sense of irony? If not, you missed your chance last Sunday night. There I was, along with Aidan and two other mid-20's rockers, standing in a queue (yes there was a queue) to see Peter Combe. We had previously been to a burger place and stole their newspapers with which to adorn ourselves, and we were not alone in this.

For those of you who did not spend your childhood in Australia in the 80's, allow me to explain. Peter Combe once had a 5-minute segment on ABC TV each day, during which he sang. His songs were topical, relevant, and very deep. With songs such as "Wash Your Face With Orange Juice" and "Newspaper Mamma", who could fail to love him?

He got up on that stage on Sunday night, and all of us who were fans at the age of 3 were still rocking on! There was not one person there who didn't genuinely have a good time - it was a return to innocence and better days. Nobody gave a political message, nobody was trying to rebel against anything, and nobody was selling anything. Iit was just a happy reliving of childhood. He got three encores, and he came out the final time to say "We've played our entire repetoire, so we'll just do one of them again!" Yes, we mid-20's crowd exhausted the repetoire of a children's performer and loved every second of it.

The world needs more of that.


Aidan said...

Next concert the wiggles
cant wait to crowd surf:)

Stace said...

That was quick! Bored at work? :) Crowd surfing at the Wiggles would be... interesting... you wouldn't get far, the crowd is only two feet tall!

Aidan said...

been busy just good timing:)

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes we need more fun, more laughter for sure :)

Frank Baron said...

Yes indeed. The world DOES need more of that. :)

homo escapeons said...

That sounded like so much Good Clean Fun!
I am glad that your heroes from yesteryear are all still alive and not drunken doddering miscreants or simply deceased as are most of mine.

Isn't it great to be able to goof off!

Bibi said...

... that's cool. It's good to relive some childhood magic and let your hair down ... or wear a paper hat. ;-)

Angel Without Wings said...

Now thats what I like to hear. People who know how to have FUN!!! When I was 3 I watched Romper Room which wasn't nearly as exciting as Peter Coombe but this was the 60's.

I don't know if anyone knows about Romper Room but my favourite part was when the lady who hosted it, Miss Someone or other (memories not that good) would hold up a mirror and look into the camera. She would say, I can see Peter, I can see Paul, I can see Jane.....etc. I would be holding my breath just hoping she would say my name. Aren't you glad you grew up a couple of decades

Lletna said...

Aidan and Stace - I'm definately up for the wiggles.

Jewel said... sounds like a great time, Stace. Isn't it wonderful to go back a bit and just be kids again? *dreamy smile*
And yes, Angel, I remember Romper Room and the glittery mirror that swirled in circle and became transparent. Then she would call out the names, but never mine. I guess because it is a bit rare. Jewel. :-)