Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's the final countdown! (Hat-tip to Europa) - Three days left! Slightly less, actually... just under 25 hours of working time left. That's excluding travel time and lunch breaks. Am I getting too excited about something mundane? Yes, I am! But that's ok! It is excitement-worthy, although I'm sorry to waste your time by crapping on about it! I promise at some point soon I will blog something interesting.


Aidan said...

SO exited for you (as always), And now Europa is stuck in my head....

Stace said...

Sorry darling :)

Steve said...

19 hrs 32 mins and 12 seconds
11 10 9 8

Jewel said...

Counting down the days with you, Stace! ((HUGS))

Okay, I don't know where to put this so I'll put it here. So, I have been gone for two days and I log on to read blogs and I go to yours and though I KNOW it is yours, I think it is Aidan's because of the black template and I'm reading along and I think HE is in the midst of a job change, too and I'm thinking....okay, one job change at a time in this household! But then I realize that is is INDEED your blog you just changed the template on me! I was sooo confused there for a few minutes, Stace!!! You can't be doing this to an old woman like me!! Okay, I'm not really old *grin*, BUT you still can't just be changing like that and confusing me! I didn't know if I was coming or going or what. Oh and before you say...well, Jewel, my picture was there, but it wasn't loaded yet...remember I still have dial-up. *groan*

Okay, I'm done. *smile*

So now you and Aidan have matching blogs. How cute!!! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Hi Stace, I tried commenting blog but everything came out wrong: You should enjoy crapping, we don't mind reading about the mundane, and it is excretement worthy.
Sorry, mind is just not working.
Yay Stace.

Stace said...

Steve, thanks, keep up the countdown so I don't have to :)

Jewel - I'm sorry! I like black! I didn't intentionally match it to Aidan's... I just like black :)

Andrew - crap crap crap crap... bloody vikings!!!