Friday, November 05, 2004

Another week over. At last. This week seems to have lasted a year. Customers, DC's, PO's, all seem to be conspiring against me. At least I've finally got Jose and Global Savings off my back, they were responsible for three of my most tricky files.

Caught up with dad tonight, he was in the city to see Mike so he took me out for dinner after work.

I'm buggered. I always seem to be tired these days. I feel kind of automated. I do what I do: I work because I have to, I complain because it's a form of release, I make money and I spend it. I can't wait to have enough money to disappear overseas for a couple of years with My Sweet. Looking forward to that, and time spent with Aidan in general, is the only thing that seems to give life any meaning or enjoyment.

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