Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday night is the lonliest night of the week. Thanks Sinatra. He thought it was Saturday, but Saturday was great. Spent the weekend at Aidan's place in Seaford. Wonderful weekend, pretending to try not to distract My Sweet from his study. Oops. And now it's Monday, I'm wrecked and I'm alone and I could do with a bottle of vodka. Gotta love chemically induced oblivion. Work has doubled my workload as of tomorrow, I'm doing Angeline's files as well as mine while she's on leave. Being hungover is probably not the best way to deal with that. I have pyjamas, a bed, and a Cold Chisel album. This will do for tonight. Oh yeah, and my neighbour is on night shift, so I can have this classic rock as loud as I like and nobody's going to complain. Sweet.

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