Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bought this funky Angelique Kidjo CD called Black Ivory Soul today. Never heard of her before, but I wandered into Basement Discs and I just happened to see it. So I got home, put it on, and I'm loving it. Very cool.

It's been a bit of an odd day. Work was tedious, lots of difficult and complicated enquiries and a few pissed off customers. I came out of there feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Then Aidan was waiting for me outside of work and we wandered through the city in the rain and I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Lovely!

Of course he has to go and study, he has his first exam on Monday so after tonight I won't see him until after the exam sometime. Long time, argh! That will be literally the longest we've been apart since late July when we met! It won't be easy, but it's necessary.


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