Monday, November 15, 2004

Sometimes I feel intensely sad for Aidan. There has been a lot of pain and trouble in his life, and it still haunts him at times. I do my best to ease that for him, but sometimes it's very much like fighting a losing battle. I read his blog pretty much daily, and it sometimes seems like I'm the only thing that keeps him going. It's a little scary. He feels things very strongly, very deeply. It makes me terrified of hurting him or letting him down in some small way. I wish I could invent some kind of band-aid for the soul, or wrap him up in bubble-wrap so nothing could break him. It's weird that I care more for him than I do for myself, and it seems he cares more for me than for himself. Each of us looks at the other in wonder and awe and says "Why can't you see how wonderful you are?" - and each of us replies, "I'm just me, nothing special."

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