Sunday, November 28, 2004

Brendan's 21st last night, in Geelong, and we popped in to see Emily beforehand.

Sometimes I'm not sure how to blog things - the simple facts, or what actually happened.

See, what actually happened was that we went to this party where Aidan knew a bunch of people and I'd met a few of them once or twice, so it went ok. I got to know some people better, I wasn't entirely socially inept - only a little bit. And then somebody brought up the idea of everybody going skinny dipping at midnight, which I wasn't at all keen for. And Aidan was. Quite keen, apparently. So I got upset and felt like he expected me to be cool with skinny dipping with a bunch of near strangers, I felt that I was a disappointment and a let-down because I really didn't want to. So then we left. That is to say, I dragged him away from a party he seemed to be enjoying. So I felt even worse and more guilty. It ended up being our first something-resembling-fight. He's calling it our first fight, because he thinks we need to have one to get it out of the way or something. Anyway, it all ended up ok. We both felt bad for upsetting each other and there were lots of tears and kisses and stuff. I think he said "I love you" about a million times during the drive home.

Today, on the other hand, has been alright. It's been a stinking hot day, when nobody feels like doing very much. We lay around and hugged and talked. If anything, last night only brought us closer and gave deeper understanding between us.

On the whole, it was yet another intense weekend. Maybe we need to learn to relax!

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