Monday, May 12, 2003

Felt really rundown this afternoon - got home from work and just wanted to stay put and do nothing. Shopping irritated me, fridging cold stuff afterwards was put off because it was too hard, etc. It's just been a "bleh" type afternoon.

Work today was ok, only one sale but that's better than nothing! Played pool with Cat (a person, not the cat) for half an hour or so this afternoon, I won! That's a first. I suck at pool, only played a couple of times before. I guess Cat must be pretty bad! How cool is it, though, to work in a place where you can just take time out whenever you want and play pool. Of course, the supervisor (Nick) did tell us at one point to get back on the phones, but he just kinda said to finish the game quickly, rather than drop everything right then and there. He's a pretty cool guy in that respect, I guess.

Three sales tomorrow. Gonna get the $2600 required for 30% commission for the first time this week. This is my goal. It was my goal last week, too, but I spent two and a half days home sick last week and only sold $600 for the week. But I'm scraping by... hey, anyone reading this, can ya spare me a few bucks?? *wink*

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