Monday, May 26, 2003

I'm sure that, at some points in each day, some interesting thought must occur to me, or I must do something worthy of mention. It's just that, by the time I get around to recording these things, they are already forgotten.
I know that every now and then I come out with something funny or strange. But again, it never seems quite appropriate to put these little obsersavions here.

I've just had an SMS from Dave. There's ticket inspectors at our station and he doesn't have a valid ticket. Naughty! But all he has to do is stay on the train to the next station, buy a ticket there, and train back.

I've been taking some photos of Zeus today. Now I'm figuring out a little more how to use the digital camera, some of my photos aren't too bad. Of course the subject makes it rather easy - nobody can possibly fail to take a cute photo of Zeus!

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