Monday, May 19, 2003

It feels really weird not getting up early and heading off to work - in the last 3 months I've only been out of work for one week, that's a record for me! I don't have a lot of choice, I suppose, now that mum and dad aren't supporting me.

I wish I had something valuable but useless, because then I could sell it for lots of money and not need to worry so much for a little while. For money is such a very worrying thing. The acquisition of it, the spending of it, the saving of it. I'm not even going to consider selling my computer, it is far from useless. The most valuable thing I have, in terms of money worth, is Zeus. I'm certainly not going to sell him. Otherwise, I have lots of books I love, and cheap costume jewellery.

I guess it's a job or nothing.

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