Tuesday, May 13, 2003

>For those of you who don't have a life and watch Big Brother on TV ,
>here are the links to the scandal that is currently happening on that
>show , in which one of the house mates , Belinda , confessed that her
>teenage sister is doing time for a gay hate murder.

Why is it a scandal that someone has a relation who
committed a crime, was convicted, and is serving their

>Apparently when the confession happened , Big Brother pulled the plug on
>the live feed , warned all the house mates about the legalities and went
>into high overdrive damage control mode to the extent of removing
>postings from some webpages.

Arguably, this censorship could be said to be a scandal.....

I've taken this straight from a post on the newsgroup iinet.general. The guy replying (the one not indented by >'s) has a very valid point which nobody has really thought of, I think...

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