Monday, May 19, 2003

I've just been having a very interesting discussion about rebellion, as an action and as an idea. It's my belief that rebellion is a word used by some people to make some other people think they're cool, I think it is rather meaningless these days. Surely to rebel involves doing something against convention - but what is convention in today's society? Convention is as wide as the human race is varied. There are layers, if you like, or types, or degrees, of convention, some very conservative and others very radical. It's impossible to rebel against conservatism, because the radical is already an accepted way of life - it's like saying you're going to invent something that gets creases out of clothes... and then finding that the iron already exists. So, where some would say "I'm a rebel", I say "No, you simply subscribe to a different set of ideas - that one over there, rather than this one here".

Any thoughts? Let me know, I'm interested in your opinion!

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