Monday, May 19, 2003

GOD DAMN!!!! I had a really long and vaguely interesting post here all ready to go... then I had to change something in the template, so I copied it, all ready to past back in when I got back to this section... THEN I WENT AND COPIED SOMETHING ELSE AND LOST MY LONG POST!!!

Anyway, I remember the last bit of my post. It was about how I just won an auction on Ebay, it's a book called Bachelor Kisses by Nick Earls. I wrote something about him... a while ago. How I love those markers that allow you to link to any post you've ever made, so easily!

The other bit of my lost post was about snow. Because this afternoon Dave and I went for a drive to Lake Mountain, and it was so foggy we could barely see. And somewhere in the lost post I mentioned that I've never been skiing, and have only ever been to the snow once, and that was the Mount Hotham school camp in grade five. I don't think I should ever try skiing, by all accounts it's quite hard on the knees and my knees are already fucked.

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