Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I despise being ill. Bored and depressed. Tired, irritable. Rude. I wish I could take a couple of weeks off work and just chill out and relax. How do people do this their entire lives? Work, sleep, work, sleep, get ill, work anyway. Saving money for some vague and distant ideal: a future when they'll have the time to spend it. Sometimes I think I'd like to become a bartender or something and do the whole Europe thing. Although I suppose they have call centres in England. Not that I'd want to work in another bloody call centre. Perhaps I should do like Daz, and get a transfer to AP HQ. I'd almost forgotten Daz. He came to my 21st and sat there looking awkward for a while before leaving. I haven't seen him since, although I see his ex-wife every day. Maybe I'll become a labourer of some sort. A painter or a gardener. Outdoor work, and the possibility of being my own boss. I think Lee is a painter now, or at least must be nearly finished his apprenticeship. Being a window cleaner would be awesome. I see the guys doing the windows of our building, twenty-seven floors up hanging from a couple of ropes. Brilliant. Probably pays quite well, too. I heard Simon got a job with one of those chilled water companies, who fill other companies' water-coolers. Someone said that paid about as well as the call centre and was far more fun. Bekh sells haberdashery these days. That sounds cool, even if nobody knows what that is. Little Matty ran an E-Bay shop and went to Spain on the funds, maybe I should do that. At least I think it was Spain. Somewhere interesting, anyway. He never emailed me, either, although Joe did once. Joe got to England safe and sound, god knows what he did after that. The Duck Man went back up to Brisbane with his fiance who's name I've forgotten but she was nice. I never did find out what they intended to do there. I still see Ira at Parliament station sometimes, and I saw Pina there once too but she didn't see me. People are always moving on, and it's so easy to forget. I once wrote out a list of names of people from TeleTech that I wanted to keep in contact with - there's only two left of that list of about fifteen. People disappear. I wonder how many people, if any, think of me and wonder what I'm doing these days. I have a habit of believing that nobody remembers me or thinks of me when I'm not around. Even Aidan.


Aidan said...

How could i forget the woman i love:)

Aidan said...

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

(borrowed from http://www.lovepoemsandquotes.com)