Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Interesting lunch break today. Instead of eating lunch, I decided to have a wander around the city with my camera, just looking at stuff. People and things. I have uploaded some, frankly, not very interesting pictures of Melbourne, the city I call home. I was watching people, too. They mostly seemed to think I was a tourist, with the whole photography thing happening. Another thing that struck me was the way everybody was going somewhere. Busy busy busy, walk walk walk, glare glare glare. So few people take the time to stop and smell the metaphorial roses. What's the big rush? Maybe they're on their way to an important meeting, or heading back to work after lunch, or meeting a lover. On the surface, these things seem important to us. But in reality, no matter how many meetings you attend or how much money you make or even how deeply in love you are, you're going to die anyway. I guess all we can do is strive to enjoy our short lives as best we can, and rushing around staring at the ground doesn't achieve that. Sometimes I curse the practical mind my mother cultivated in me - I am obliged to deny my urges to quit my job, become a hippy, and travel the world on a moment's notice. Even that dream involves me working casually in pubs and cafe's - none of my dreams are so impractical as to involve a lack of work and money.


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