Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yesterday sucked. Work sucked. I was tired and irritable, I had too much coke, and customers pissed me off.

Then I came back to Aidan's place and things rapidly got better. Except that he keeps calling me Wiggles!!! Thinks it's cute or something. Bah! Ah well, you get that. Oops, he's reading this over my shoulder. Anyway, he's meant to be off studying and I'm meant to be reading The Da Vinci Code. Not coke. Mmmm coke.

I posted Claudine's Christmas present yesterday. That's my Rwandan sponsor child, for those of you who don't know. Theoretically it should only take two weeks to get there by airmail, but it's Rwanda so you never know. I figured it was best to be early. I sent her a little stuffed puppy dog and some coloured pencils - she's nine, I think I recall liking that kind of thing when I was nine.

Got a new photo of Aidan and I uploaded the other day. It's kind of blurred, but what do you expect? Aidan took it with the arm that wasn't around me.

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