Monday, October 18, 2004

Phew. Got back from Adelaide late last night. Where to start? Met Andrew at Spencer Street Station on Friday night, the train was an hour late so we left there just past eleven. Sleeping on a train is not fun, nor is it easy. But we managed it! So we got into Adelaide at about nine or ten. Went straight to the backpacker's place and dropped off most of our stuff. We then wandered around Adelaide for several hours. I never seen so many bleeding churches! Took lots of photos (including of our feet, Aidan would be proud!) and got sore feet and retraced our steps a thousand times. There's only so much to see in that city. Churches, parks, some odd statues and so forth. Then, of course, the aim of the entire trip: Night Watch, adapted to theatre! It was rather good, although I think both Andrew and I were too tired to appreciate it fully! Spent Saturday night at the backpacker's, thankfully nobody snored (except possibly me) or anything annoying like that. Still, didn't get much sleep and woke up quite early. Before we had to leave to get the train, Andrew taught me a card game called 500, so we played that for quite a bit of the train ride home. And hangman. And read books, and listened to CD's. Got back into Spencer Street at just past nine last night, Aidan picked me up and we got home just before ten. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely dead. So I called in sick and woke up again at half past eleven. And now here I am!

And here's the pics, well some of them..

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