Saturday, October 09, 2004

I'm sure I'm falling more in love every day. I didn't think it was possible, but I am. Letting Aidan leave this afternoon was not fun. Not easy. I just wanted to stay with him, holding him and kissing him and loving him. It was an intense day for the two of us, although intensity is kind of becoming the norm! It's great :) I want to make a life with him, and grow old and grey with him. I look forward to life.

Today was also election day, and the Liberals bloody won again. They're in their fucking fourth term now. Why do I feel like I'm living in a dictatorship instead of a democracy? If John Howard doesn't retire, he will end up being in power for over a decade. That's just about half my lifetime. At least I can take a leaf from Dennis's book: "Well, I didn't vote for you!"

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Jonoooooo said...

You feel like your living in a dictatorship because the people have voted for the same person four times now???
He has governed for half your life?? (the ultimate crime by the way).
You young lady, can thank your very fortunate stars you havn't had to live "half your life" under a Labor government. When you have maybe you might construct a more relevant argument.