Monday, October 04, 2004

Ok, I admit I am somewhat inclined to be a bit pessimistic and stuff when I'm not well. The truth is I had a fantastic weekend with the man I love more than life itself. It's just hard to think of that that when all I've done today is cough and feel shitty.

Cossack reminded me earlier that today is 1 year exactly since Dave and I broke up. That would be another reason to be happy, if I could be bothered. He only remembered because Dave messaged me this evening, saying he might come around. I was somewhat discouraging, and thankfully it discouraged him effectively. So I still haven't seen him even though he's been back in Melbourne for... actually I don't know how long.

The rose Aidan gave me is blooming. It was a bud when he gave it to me. It's sweet.

I'm so tired.

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