Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Read that.

To me, that simply reflects the susceptibility of people to the media. We fear what we’re told to fear, regardless of logic or immediate relevance. Logically speaking, how likely is a child to encounter a bomb, or by affected by one? Why should they fear this above more immediate concerns like being sent to the principal’s office? I know I’ve never seen a bomb, nor have I ever known anybody who was injured or killed by one. Terrorists do not target primary schools (unless it’s the one where the politicians’ children go), particularly here in geographically isolated, politically stable Australia. Any child’s fear of a bomb must therefore be a result of media saturation, and snippets of overheard and misunderstood conversations.


Aidan said...

It is getting worse, no wonder people dont talk anymore we are all petrified.

Homo Escapeons said...

The Thomas Ollendick Fear Schedule Survey just rolls off the tip of your tongue..

That is pathetic...whatever happened to Werewolves and Dinosaurs and insane relatives?
Media saturation is spot on..sad but true in many parts of the world.
I hate to say it but both Canada and Australia have been lucky so far...