Thursday, September 07, 2006

I don’t think I think enough. Sometimes I am full of cynicism and judgement which seems to indicate some kind of analytic process happening, but then I wonder how much of what I say has been taken from some other thinker, and how much is original, and if maybe I’m really just automatically gainsaying every position taken by the popular media and people I don’t like. Perhaps all my opinions and feelings are just as manufactured as anybody else’s, but in the opposite direction. How can I tell how my own subconscious mind is working? I think I’m independent and different, but so does everybody else, right?


On a lighter note, I heard a dreadful joke this morning, in very bad taste but I will reproduce it here. Any who find it offensive, well, that’s fine. To each his own.


Steve Irwin should have been wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen – for protection against harmful rays.    

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Aidan said...

All though and decision is influenced by something hat has happened before, determinism aside. Some of the most profound thoughts come from you, i love our arguments about life death and anything in between. Such as our rain walk on saturday... :)

Stealing my dad's steve irwin joke:)