Friday, September 29, 2006

This is a random selection of photos from our travels. Don't ask me why.

Twas a freezing cold night in Paris, as were they all... A slightly cliched, touristy shot, no doubt, but I rather like it.

The Coloseum by night - also cliched. Not quite so cold, though.

Gay Pari, also at night. I like night photography, can you tell?

A real sunset in Budapest. It's so red because of the thick smog.

More tourist shots. Brandenburg Gate.

A funky photo of a beer in Barcelona. I drank that beer. I enjoyed it.

A beautiful beach in Barcelona, where I got scratched by a stray cat. I'd go back there, if I knew the cat was gone.

1 comment:

Aidan said...

making me want to travel again.... 3 amazing months:)
cant be budapest i can see too much:)