Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I awake,

Reluctant, recalcitrant

Discordant sounds irritate

The day looms

like approaching stormclouds

Refuge is found:

The snooze button

for temporary relief of symptoms

(if symptoms persist

see your psychologist)

1 comment:

Homo Escapeons said...

I love the idea of escaping with the snooze button but I am not much of a sleeper..I power snooze but I am an early riser and night owl when possible.
I too am recalcitrant. I oppose the hogwashing that THEY try to smother us with..
However I am opposed to taking it lying down...my eyes have seen too much..I have too many questions..at this point in time anyway.
Funny old world indeed...THEY would love it if we all just kept snoozing eh?
I guess that I could have just invoked the standards snooze
'ya loose' or
'the early bird gets the worm'..
but how tedious is that?