Friday, September 15, 2006

People amaze me...

I keep getting faxes from people with their credit card details! This isn’t a secure building, anybody could pick those faxes up, we’re not technically trained in privacy, faxes can be copied or taken home... Do people have no concept of basic security? Common sense? Anything? Ok, End Rant.

I’m wearing a red shirt today. Very red. Bright red. It’s very odd, since I generally wear only black. I thought it would make me feel bohemian and funky, but it just makes me uncomfortable. Breaking the comfort barrier. Dark purple I can handle, blue I wear a bit, but bright red is just odd. Weird, because I would have no problem dying my hair bright red – in fact it’s reddish at the moment, kind of auburn.

What do my clothes/hair/accessories/etc say about me? I never give it much thought. But I judge people by their appearance all the time, of course, everybody does. So what do people think of me? Wearing black, but not particularly sinister black, hair colour changing every few weeks, geeky glasses... Most people probably don’t look twice at me. I guess that’s good!


Homo Escapeons said...

Red is the NEW Black!

Aidan said...

i thought black was the new black... Must be getting old.

Stace you have truned my ehad more than once;)

Aidan said...

truned my ehad
may also mean turned my head

sounds arabic "truned my ehad death to the infidel"