Friday, September 08, 2006

Now Peter Brock is dead too! Pseudo-celebrities are dropping like flies this week.

I can just see the TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) having fun with this one... “Speed kills!”

What I have found most interesting is watching the story unfold, so to speak. We hear news on the radio, then jump onto The Age website ( At first there’s just a mention of a rumour, a few lines, then we hit “reload” every few minutes and a few more lines have been added – more detail, quotes, reports, it all builds up into a full article before long.

Another aspect which interests me is my own reaction to the articles on the deaths of Steve Irwin and Peter Brock. I am so accustomed to news only being true until another news article contradicts it, that somehow I do not believe these people are permanently dead. Surely next week they’ll be back? Every other news item seems to revert to a non-event in about week, so why shouldn’t these ones? It’s a distressing side effect of the over-saturation of media.

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