Friday, September 08, 2006

<b>Today’s Twit Of The Day</b>

I work for a fabric wholesaler. That means we sell fabric to retailers, manufacturers, and the like. I just got a call from a lady asking me for a retail price on a fabric (she never gave her name or said if she was calling from a business). I said I could give her an estimate, but it would depend where she bought it from. She seemed to have no concept of the fact that a wholesaler couldn’t give her a definite retail price. Then she started asking if she could buy directly from us – without having said who she was. I said we only sell wholesale to businesses of the above-mentioned type. She said she had such a business. (So why was she originally wanting only the retail price?) I said as soon as we sighted her business credentials we could provide wholesale prices. She was silent. She had done this a few times – just didn’t say anything, as if she didn’t understand what I was saying and was waiting for more. There was no more. What more could she want?

Now tell me – am I being unreasonable? Do I expect too much? Why did she not simply state who she was and where she was calling from, and asked how to obtain a wholesale price? Instead she gave me nothing and expected everything.

Actually the rudeness and stupidity of many people I deal with bothers me a great deal. Rarely does somebody start a phone call with “Hi, it’s Bob calling from My Business, how’s it going? Can I order...” etc. More usual is “I wanna order...” and I’m left wondering who the heck I’m actually talking to, and if they’re rude to everybody or if I did something to offend them!

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