Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It’s a lovely sunny day and I went for a stroll on my lunchbreak. How I regret that blissful wander now! For what should I chance upon but a dress! Such a dress! Full length, black “vegan” leather, laced-up at the front... I’m drooling even now. In that dress, even the frumpiest woman would look hot (not that I am frumpy). And the reason for the regret? It’s $200. I don’t have $200.

Goth clothing and accessories are once again becoming highly desirable in my eyes. They never really stopped being desirable, but more so with my increasing desire to differ. It’s as though the more bored and frustrated I am, the more appealing becomes the idea of myself as goth. I suppose that’s not entirely unexpected. It’s a form of rebellion, visible and easily interpreted, accepted but not embraced by the general public. It is even something which, in a moderate form, can be brought to the workplace. The only obstacle is the cash.

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