Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you ever find, upon meeting somebody, that there is something intangible about them that you do not like?
I am finding that with my new "boss". I'm sure he's a nice person. But something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I guess he's just not the kind of person I would usually associate with by choice. Perhaps it's something I just have to get used to. I will be working very closely with him, which could be difficult if I can't find something about him to like!
He says "Aushtralya". Always a bad sign!
On a brighter note... Aidan and I started learning Russian on Saturday! We are starting to get the hang of the Cyrillic alphabet, and can pronounce a few of the easier words - it looks like they've started us off on words that sound a lot like familiar English words - tennis, restaurant, coffee, etc. I was a little bit scared about Russian to start with, but I'm feeling a lot more confident since our first lesson.


Menchie said...

You can never tell about people. Sometimes I have a bad first impression which turns out to be wrong. Then I met this person whom I thought was really nice but didn't turn out to be.

Is Russian a difficult language to learn?

Keshi said...

**He says "Aushtralya". Always a bad sign!

LOL that sounds like Johnny boy!

Russian? WOW how exciting! All the best and teach us few words too along the way :)


lee said...

Yeah -I'm always suspicious of people who can't pronounce Australia properly! I can't handle it when people say "Orstraya". Drives me barmy.Quit the job!! haha.

Aidan said...

As they say Never judge a book by its DVD my love, he may turn out ok..

I am loving the russian course as well. Hey now we can fight in other languages.