Monday, February 12, 2007

This is a photo Aidan's mother recently sent us. From left to right as follows:
Dad, Mum, myself, Aidan, Kim, Brad
Brad is my brother, Kim is his girlfriend - she's the wonderful one who came to the rescue when Aidan and I were ill in Singapore, because that's where she lives.
Everyone says I look like my mum. I'm not sure about that...


Anonymous said...

Hi, its a very nice photo, there might be something there between you and your mum, just a little hint. Andrew

Aidan said...

Your much cuter than you mum:)

Cazzie!!! said...

I am so glad you called by my blog Stace, I have moved house and got a new PC and have been treying to remember who it was that was getting married...garhhhhh!!!
I have tracked back and can see the whole story, the wedding and the honeymoon. Too bad it started off with food poisoning..I see that at work in the mergency dept, not fun at all.
You both looked so happy, and in love, I hope it stays with you both always.
Love what Aidan said, that you are cuter than your mum, LOL, now you have to get him something special for Valentine's Day, LOL.

Stace said...

Hi Cazzie! Nice to see you again :) The food poisoning incident turned out to have a good side - we'd never been to Singapore before!!!

As for Valentines Day... I probably won't have the time to do anything super-special, but we'll see :) Did you know that St Valentine was the name of about 3 saints of the time, all of whom were martyred, and nobody knows exactly which one of them Valentines Day is meant to be celebrating? :)

Jewel said...

You do indeed look like your mother....though a younger version. You are quite pretty, Stace! And this is a lovely photo of you and your family! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Will I need a 12-step program for the Solitaire addiction, do you think? *feeble grin*