Friday, February 09, 2007

A little while back, a few people blogged about their offices. Here's mine.
I'm in a cubicle-thingy with a bit of privacy, but the office is essentially open plan. There's about 20 of us in the room. I'm right up the back in a funky corner, near the door to the carpark - I don't drive, but everybody walks past me on their way home.
I keep three cactii on my desk. There were only two until this afternoon. I bought the monster on the left during my lunch break today - isn't it awesome? The poor guy at the nursery had to re-pot it for me, and he pricked his fingers.
I also have a couple of photos of Aidan and I (one from the wedding) , a box of 100 teabags (which I will get through alarmingly quickly), and a lot of other junk. I keep a good supply of post-it notes at all times, because they're insanely useful. I have recently acquired a sticky-tape dispenser, and I'm very protective of that and my stapler. I keep them hidden as much as possible.
I have a diary on my desk, which is cool. One of our export customers made them from our own fabric and sent them to us from Taiwan.
That's about it for my desk, in a nutshell. I hope it was enlightening.


Menchie said...

I hoard post its too! I have sesame street ones, and garfield, and justice league, and ok, I am weird.

Within Without said...

Post-its are far too small and I hate that sticky gunky stuff, personally.

Stace: Why didn't you show the pix of you and Aidan?

You know about cacti, right? I always over-water mine and then they shrivel up and die.

mjd said...

I like your cacti. Come see our funny plants here Mama Said, Papa Said. You won't want these in your office.

You have the right idea about the stapler and tape dispenser; it seems like those handy devices can sprout legs and walk away.

Aidan said...

Lots of pricks at your work honey?

Stace said...

WW - Pictures of Aidan and I at my desk? There aren't any! I'll post some of us in another post.

Yes, I know about cacti. I water mine about once every two weeks, and I leave them outside over the weekend when I'm not at work.

Aidan - Mostly customers :)