Monday, February 19, 2007

There is something amiss when, upon the arrival of a new staff member, the old hands are placing bets on whether she will return tomorrow.
This company has a history of hiring people who last a week or less. I would blame the recruitment process, but there's obviously nothing wrong there because I got hired!
Since I've worked here (just over a year), we've had at least four people who have "not worked out" within a week, for one reason or another. This place isn't that bad, I swear! And I only put thumb-tacks on the seat of ONE of them, so don't start on me!
On a completely unrelated but much happier topic: The Phantom Of The Opera is coming back to Melbourne!!! Excited! We saw it in London and it was incredible, and I've LOVE to see it at home as well. Starring Anthony Warlow, no less. Tickets on sale from next Monday, I must remember. I hope it's not too expensive. Doesn't matter, anyway, I'm going no matter what!!!


Andrew said...

Enjoy Phantom. I love the music. Spam-a-lot the Monty Python musical is also coming to Australia.

Cazzie!!! said...

Absolutely love Phantom, grew up listening to it and watching it with my dad...just gr8 news ty :)
On the work front, why is it that you think people don't wanna stay? Non commited people? The place doesn't have inspiration to make em wanna stay?
Aside from the thumb tack thingy LOL

Stace said...

Cazzie - I have no idea why people aren't staying... Sometimes they leave, sometimes they're asked to leave... I guess we're just not hiring the right people!

Menchie said...

Well, that's weird about the people who leave.

But, OMG! Phantom! I loved it! I saw it in Sydney and I absolutely fell in love with the play. Lucky you!

lee said...

Is that true about a monty python musical??? :).