Monday, February 26, 2007

Here I sit in silence. I am not alone, but I am lonely. The man beside me is so far removed as to be in another world. Yes, I speak of my New Boss. I have tried for three weeks to find something likeable, personable, something in common. But I have nothing to say to him. This corner of the office used to be a bubbling hot-pot of dirty jokes, innuendo, and light-hearted complaining. Now it's a silent corner. We sit almost with our backs to each other. I rarely even speak to him about a work-related matter. I prefer to email him. That's probably weird.

But all is not negative. It's a lovely day out there, and I'm starting to wake up with five cups of tea in me. I have my new cacti (whom I have christened Arnie & Danny - the Twins!) looking nice on my desk. I have a photo of Aidan smiling at me from the wall. I have lots more teabags. These are all good things!


Menchie said...

It sucks to have a boss you can't even talk to about work related stuff.

Cazzie!!! said...

Arnie and ya just need one with two twin cactii sticks and call her Maddonna....Madge, yeah!!!
Send ya boss some corny jokes in an email, see if he the ones I blogged the other day,...yeah, I just read your thoughts, they were too corny them jokes, LOL.
I know, get a straw, chew tiny bits of paper into balls and spit them at the back of his neck!!!