Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What would you do if you had no fear of the consequences?

I probably shouldn't write my own thoughts here... I'd probably get arrested just for thinking about it!

It's odd that we murder humans but slaughter animals. Humans are animals too, but if somebody speaks of "slaughtering people" it seems so much more vicious. Slaughter of other animals is a daily occurrence, hence the existence of slaughterhouses.

Sometimes my mind runs on tangents that disturb me.


Aidan said...

you cant spell manslaughter without laughter....
Someone may encounter a CII

Customer Induced Injury.... at least you have a motive:)

Homo Escapeons said...

People are slaughtered every day too...usually after they have been properly objectified and dehumanized...then they are just things not people.

We can't escape the beast..we have these crazy teeth and our brains were enlarged by eating meat out on the Savannahs of Africa millions of years ago.

I hope that we clean up our system of processing protein (see what I just did there) because I am an animal lover..
c'mon I would rather spare lost puppies and piggies and whales and used up greyhounds and circus elephants long before I would save many unlovable faceless humans in the poor overpopulated slums of the developing world who deserve everything that they get..

isn't that sick?!