Thursday, February 22, 2007

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person who thinks the way that I do. Living people frighten me with their apathy, but the dead don't scare me at all. There's a cemetary opposite my train station. I stare at it in the mornings and notice others avert their eyes. I photographed it between the fence rails this morning. Then I photograped the fence rails themselves. Cool shots. I don't have the USB cord for my camera-phone with me so I can't upload them. So here's a photo of St Patrick's instead:


Menchie said...

Unlike you, I am scared of cemeteries *shudder*. Or maybe scared of death.

Aidan said...

No fear of death corpses, body parts, suicides as you know.... from search and rescue. Key to a happy and worth while existance is to accept one day you will die, it is what you do with the interviening times that matter.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yep, cemetries are peaceful, it allows you to reflect on what is important in life before you kick the bucket..and reminds you to get your Will in order too, lol..which I haven't done as yet.
My friend got married there in that church, I was pregnant and had to get up front and do a recital, hadn't been so nervous since I got up front and read out a euloge for my best friend's funeral I can tell you.