Saturday, June 07, 2003

The chronicles of Zeus.
    He fell in the water feature again the other night. Of course, I locked him outside while I went to find a towel. Well I don't want wet-cat-prints all over the house!

    Dave left the lid of the washing machine up, he just fell in there and couldn't get out. Of course I delayed in rescuing him long enough to take a photo!

    He goes psycho every night at bedtime. So that means, two hours before I go to bed, I have to exhaust him. Throwing stuff around the house for him to chase, chasing him myself, etc.

    7yu6ftgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvbggggggggggggggg - need I say more?

    He goes psycho every morning before I want to get up. I now have quite a large hole in my thumb from those sharp little claws.

Cats are fun.

Now, I'm going to try to restrain myself today, and not make more than three entries, no matter how bored I get!!! This seems a difficult challenge, until a few minutes' though reveals that I can in fact "edit" previous entries and add more information to them, instead of making a new entry! So I might end up with three quite long entries today! We shall see, though - maybe I won't even get that bored!

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