Sunday, June 22, 2003

I had a very weird dream last night.
Eminem broke into our house while we were in bed, apparently we had something that he wanted and he was trying to find it and steal it back. I remember lying in bed telling Dave to just leave him alone, let him get whatever it was and go and then he'd leave us alone, but then my grandmother got up (I don't know why she appeared to be living with us) and he attacked her with a hairbrush. So I told Dave to get up and bash Eminem, which he did admirably well (Eminem's a weedy little guy after all). I remember my grandmother (who wasn't actually my grandmother, but she was in the dream) was pretty badly hurt, she had a big gash on her forehead, bleeding badly, and she'd passed out. I remember being quite worried about her, and while I don't remember anyone calling an ambulance I do remember that there was one there at some stage. I don't remember how it ended, or if it ended just there - I don't know what happened to Eminem or the object he was after, or what that object was. Weird.

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