Saturday, June 21, 2003

Stacy been a bad bad girl! No update yesterday. That is for no reason whatsoever, but it must be rectified immediately.

The property inspection yesterday went absolutely fine. Landlady arrived first, I invited her and she wandered around for ten minutes or so before the agent got here (late), then they stayed for another three minutes or so, and left. I asked if the place looked fine, and she said "Yes, yes, looks good..."

The cat problem was solved simply by putting him in a box in the car - with Cossack to keep him company!

Excersise lately has been almost non existant. Must stop being so darned lazy! I've been reading a lot (in the bath) and playing the Discworld MUD for hours at a time. And that's about it. I'll force Dave to come for a run this afternoon/tonight, for half an hour or so, that might make up for a couple of days of non-movement!

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