Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Well, I had a very interesting meeting with a recruitment agency today. I went along expecting the usual questions ("Why do you want this job, what qualities do you have, what skills do you think you can improve on?") and the usual computer tests (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc). What I got was something entirely different. They had this computer program set up to act almost like a call centre simulator. I sat there with headphones on, listening to recorded coversations (faked, obviously), and depending on the excersise I would have to pick what the customer service rep did wrong, choose a response, or enter customer data into a database as it was spoken. So bascially it assessed my customer service skills as well as basic data entry skills. I scored very highly on working under pressure and speed and accuracy of information entered. I did pretty well in almost all areas tested, but not so great on upselling - I tend to think in terms of keeping customers happy, no matter what, and I know that being upsold to annoys me, so that'll be why I didn't upsell very well. But I suppose that's just another skill I can learn! Anyway, as a result of today I'm being put forward for two customer service positions and I should hear whether I have interviews for them late this week. Cool!

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