Friday, June 13, 2003

Well I've done today's dancing (half an hour) and the walk to Subway and back. I'm still flabby! I expect instant results and they're not happening! BAH!

I had a call yesterday afternoon (While I was watching Robin Hood dammit) from a woman from Manpower (the recruitment agency, not the male strippers). There are four jobs she's recommending me for, which I was very happy to hear. It works very weirdly - she recommends me, then passes me and the jobs on to somebody else who, if they agree with her recommendations, calls me to arrange a meeting. Weird.
Hey, you know what I've noticed about women working for recruitment agencies? They're all British. I get a call and a British accent asks for "Miss Horsfall" or "Stacy", and I just know it's about a job. In a way it's annoying, because quite frankly they all sound the same, and I can't pick their voices apart. In another way, however, it's quite sexy. I like a good British accent!

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